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Fun London

It is nice to back to this warm town, but it was nice too spending my weekend with my best friend since high school in COLD England.

My flight arrived in Manchester at Thursday night. My friend picked mu up and I stayed over at her dorm in Keele University, which is the biggest and one of the most beautiful campus in Europe. I had a little trip in the campus on Friday. Then we went to London by train. We shopped at Oxford street where is one of the main shopping areas. By the way, goods in London are expensive. The most excited thing on Friday was that I had my first real Chinese meal in the whole month at China Town! I was like super enjoyed.

Saturday was the day for attractions. We had a guide took us to everywhere. We went to Windsor Castle in the morning; where is an important historic place to the royal family and it still has been used now. Even they just open 1/3 of the castle to public, it shocked me already. The collection of their china, weapons, painting.. and the decoration itself were unbelievably amazing. In the afternoon, we did many photos of Big Ben, The Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Westminster Church, and London Eye. Because of the limited time, we just really got to see the National Gallery and the British Museum. I had so much fun in these two places and I do learned a lot. I enjoyed great paintings of Van Gogh, Monet, and many talented artists.

I had such a good time in London, especially enjoyed be with my best friend. We talked a lot, did so much stupid things together just like we were still in high school. Time flies, but friendship will stay forever. By the way, British English is much different with American English. Can globalization do something with this? Course I really had a hard time to understand what they were talking to me. And another thing, customer service in England was much better than Italy. But American customer service is still the best I have ever had.

Minjie Song