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Last Wednseday we went to a famous local Winery in Naples and visited Pompeii as well.

The winery produces organic grapes and use them to make wine. We visited the factory and saw how they make wines. In the winery, they have two different parts and of course, they plant two different kinds of grapes or more. During the lunch, we had the chance to try 4 or 5 kinds of wines. We started from the least strong one which is a white wine. It tasted sweet and not dry. And later, the wine is stronger and stronger. The last one is a white wine too, but the percentage of alcohol is up to 42%. We took it as a shot and we found that shot is better than one by one. During this lunch, we also ate some very delicious bread with fresh local tomatoes and sausages. The pasta with tomato sauce is awesome! And everyone wants the recipe of that sauce!

Aftter lunch, we headed to Pompeii which is a really famous historical sites. Pompeii lays in ruins for several centuries. Because of the Vesuvian eruption, Pompeii was buried by the volcanic ash. From those ruins, we can still tell that Pompeii was really busy and important commercial and political center. In Pompeii, it has a main street which is full of stores. The interesting thing is, the “Mama Miya” shop was kept in good condition and we can even see some murals which are also called menu clearly. We walked a lot in Pompeii, we saw bakeries, public bathroom and some mansions. Because of the rain, we end our trip at 5pm and go back to school.

I hope in the future, I can come here again and spend more time in Pompeii.

Mengting Xue