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At the Top

At the top!

I feel like I am on top of the world! Well… Mount Vesuvius at least because I WAS!
I climbed/hiked MT VESUVIUS! I still can’t believe it!

As a group, a bunch of us and Audrey decided to hike up the Vesuvius and it was the perfect day to do it because the sun was the hottest I’ve seen it but not too hot either. To get to the volcano we had to hop on the train to Ercolano, which took about 20 minutes. Right when we stepped out the train station on our right there was the bus company that shuttles tourists to the volcano. The shuttle costs 20 Euros round trip.

On our way up, we conversed with our bus driver, Antonio, as well as pick a good radio station to listen to. The drive up was quite a sight and very curvy.

WE’RE HERE: It’s 2PM we have until 3:30 PM to walk up and down that volcano. As we entered there were vendors handing out walking canes up the mountain and as the tourists we are, we each took one. It made it look as if we’d been trekking for days. The vendor said it’s free, but if you would like to leave a tip on the way back when you return it, it is welcomed.
Our journey has begun: Oh my God! I am out of breath. I am incredibly out of shape; the incline on that volcano is serious! I would be lying if I said I didn’t stop a few times but I kept thinking the next step because I’m dying of curiosity of what’s on the top! The trail was in a zigzag fashion with again, a great amount of incline. When I stopped I looked around and gazed into the sea, the towns maybe trying to find something I recognized but I was too far up that everything seemed miniature. But what a beauty of a sight no less.

At the crater we started to pose and catch our breath. It took about 30 mins to walk up, then as the generation we are in we took lots of pictures. I’ve learned that pictures of all the wondrous things I’ve seen so far abroad does not suffice through a picture. A picture cannot capture all of what I am seeing. It doesn’t capture the Sun’s full effect, the Wind’s breeze, the clouds sailing. A picture doesn’t do Beauty any justice. Now, aside from my love of the elements, I was surprised that there were little souvenirs shops along way, although I shouldn’t be so surprised it’s all about business.

The crater had more too it, yes it was on big whole but there were gases being released, and surprisingly enough, there was even a patch of snow too! To continue, as the curious cat that I am along with Jackie, we walked around 3/4th of the crater. I honestly was expecting there to be lava but I didn’t realize that a dormant volcano didn’t have lava…
The walk up was amazing and strenuous and the way down was harder because we had to watch our for all rocks down. We were on a mission to catch our bus because it was 3:08 when we started our way down. Luckily we made it! After it all, I was so proud of myself. It’s an amazing view and such an accomplishment. I really enjoyed myself and I’m planning on taking advantage of more nature based adventures.
The bus ride back, we met Roberto, who is Antonio’s son! Conversing with him was more challenging but nonetheless fun. The challenge gives us more reason to learn the language from both sides.

Shahina Ghanie