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As I started writing my second blog, I realized that we have been in Italy for almost a month, and here we are going on our second excursion. I was really looking forward to go to winery this week since I have never been to one before, however I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy it as much as everyone else in my group since I never had alcohol before due to my religion. Regardless, I can say that I was very happy and pleased that I went to the winery because I enjoyed my time just as much as everyone else. What I enjoyed the most was learning about the different types of wine and its production.

The winery that we went to is named “Cantina del Vesuvio”, which is run by Maurizio Russo, who took after his fathers footsteps Giovanni, who was the founder, of the winery back in 1951. Cantina del Vesuvio is located in the municipality of Trecase in the region of Naples. What I found fascinating about this winery was its location and the production; since it’s located in the center of the Vesuvius National Park, which is located in the highest level for vegetation with volcanic soil. Maurizio was very kind enough to give us a tour of the winery while explaining the different types of wine. He told us that for each different type of wine there is, there is a different way of production; for example I didn’t know that red grapes need to be exposed to the sun while white grapes should not be exposed to the sun. For white grapes it’s important for leaves to cover the white grapes.

After learning about the production and bottling of the wine, we were headed to have an amazing three-course lunch in the winery. Each course came with a different type of wine; as you can see in the picture the first course was appetizer with freshly baked bread, salami, bruschetta, organic tomatoes, and extra virgin olive oil, which was served with white wine. Our second course was spaghetti with basil and homemade tomato sauce, (the sauce was made from fresh ingredients and it was just perfect), and they served that with red wine. Last but not least, we had traditional Napolitano Easter cake that was served with sparkling rose wine and apricot liqueur. You might think that I did not try any of the wine, but here I am describing the three-course meal and the wine type that went with each course! Going to the winery thought about different types of wine and how they being used to complement different meal or desert.

Thanks to Maurizio and his passion for what he does, I learned so much about wine and its production. One of the most important thing that I can say I learned from him was “ it’s not the quantity that is important, it’s the quality”. So therefore my friends always try to provide the best quality and not quantity because quality sells and quantity does not!!!


Shamila Aryan