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Swedish Fashion: Old and New

Today we set out to the Haga, old town, for a traditional Easter street fair. (Traditional street fair sounds so weird!) Down the main strip of the Haga were booths, food, musicians, and even traditional Swedish outfits!


After sampling our way down the street, fawning over all of the handmade jewelry, and listening to the lady with her circus-monkey like cart and music we decided to head to the mall for some lunch.

Upon arriving at the mall, we were greeted with a whole new cultural viewpoint: a fashion show!


It was incredibly interesting to see how their fashion trends differed from our own. Even the way they watched the show was different. All of the Swedes sat quietly and stoically, watching the models walk with seemingly no interest. However, the four of us were singing along to the music (all American Pop Music), smiling at the models who stop right in front of us, and pointing out each piece of clothing we wished was in our wardrobe…which was most of it, to be honest! This show truly pointed out the cultural differences between not only Americans and Swedes, but the past and current fashions in Sweden.

From the traditional dress at the Haga to the current styles walking down the runway, Swedish fashion has come a long way!

It’s amazing what Sweden has to offer right outside of our door.