JWU Student Blogs


Our excursion this week had to be one of my most anticipated ones. I have always wanted to visit a winery and even more so in Italy. The Cantina Winery was smaller than I expected but still a wonderful experience. I had high hopes of seeing the grapes on the vines but unfortunately they are not in season. The owner of the Cantina has been keeping the family business in running but changed a few things. Instead of mass producing the wine, he decided to keep is small enough that him and his employees can concentrate on the wine making process. He did not want to rush and mass produce bad quality wine. I thought that was very interesting that he focuses on the quality not quantity. Another interesting fact about the Cantina was that they do not use chemicals and relay on the weather. The volcanic rocks from the Vesuvius when it erupted, give the water and nutrients that the grapevines need. After taking a tour of the field, we sat and had a wine tasting with delicious plates of cheese, bread with olive oil, pepperoni and ended the meal with spaghetti. The spaghetti was the best I have had so far. All of the ingredients were fresh from local farms, which is why it was so delicious. After stuffing our faces at the Cantina, we headed to Pompeii to get a guided tour of the ruins. While walking around, I could complete the missing pieces of the rooms or buildings in my imagination. The site was definitely worth it and interesting.


Until our next adventure!