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Passion, People, Pasta!

imagePassion, People, Pasta!

Our first class excursion was a short ride to La Fabbrica della Pasta in Gragnano. There we suited up in these thin overcoats to protect the factory’s environment and sanitation. As a tour we were guided along the factory to see how pasta is made and packaged, as well as to see what’s so different about their pasta. Well I’ll tell you, it’s their pasta is slow dried at the low temperature of 40*C where other pasta factories have a drying temperature of about 80*C . The care in quality products is evident. Here man and machine work together. What I found really neat was the fact that each packaged pasta is labeled by a worker.

After the tour, we went into the gift shop and was to see the different types they sold. I purchased the pasta dedicated to the Lover’s of Capri. In the assortment of the pasta was wheat, gluten-free, chili pepper and so on.

Leaving the factory we took another short ride to Slow Foods! One word: Passion. Rather than reiterating what Slow Foods do, I focused on the people. The people of Slow Foods are gracious, humbly and boat loads of fun. Unfortunately I cannot recall all their names but each person from the chef, to the mozzarella king, to the beekeeper were incredibly kind and passionate about their craft. My Personal favorite on the trip was the beekeeper who could ramble on (in Italian) about his profession. He loves the bees. He was knowledgeable and kind. It think it’s ever so rare to kind passion in people. Secondly, the mozzarella maker demonstrated the process of making and molding fresh mozzarella. I never thought to question how it was made before but it was an eye opener.

Diversity is one of the things that makes me appreciate life.

I was more excited about the interactions we had with the people of Slow Foods than the actual food (which was awesome too). Our industry is people based. Language and cultural differences can be grand barriers to communications. With that being said, once each side is willing to learn each others’ language it’s bliss. Our class had a great time learning the instruments and music and “Gragnano” ways. The class learned tons but also had tons of fun.

Now, that’s education to me.

Shahina Ghanie