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Denver, Denver! (In the tune of New York, New York)

My honest opinion is that this city is truly breathtaking. Coming from a person who completely uprooted herself and moved out of her home state, that statement probably has a little more weight to it. Denver has welcomed me with open arms, but more directly JWU Denver has welcomed me with open arms.

The weather that has something to do with great mood, but even when it snows it is amazing.

We are going into the 3rd week of spring trimester and most people are ready for summer. So there is a strange mixture of motivation and anxiety making for a finished product of a strange texture. To relieve the anxiety part of the mixture, I have started riding my bike around this great city. One of the best places I have found thus far is City Park. Upon my first encounter of the park, I saw their welcome that read, “City Park: Crown Jewel of the Queen City.” (or something like that) I thought that was appropriate, even with the cold weather I was riding in. It is in an ideal spot right between campus and downtown. A must see on Google maps, for certain. :)