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First Group Trip In Italy

Ciao everyone!

I am Yingying from China, and I am now at the International Hotel and Tourism Management program in Italy. Before, I never thought that I could be in Italy in such a short time before I graduate from school. I am so excited about travelling in Europe and I have already been to Switzerland at the first weekend in Italy. It is such a fun program and I really enjoy it.

Today, we went to the Pasta Factory with professor. It is a truly beautiful and peaceful small town, everyone there looks friendly. It is a tiny factory that makes pasta even for international customers. It is truly an excited experience because I never think about how to make a pasta before. I also know that the pasta needs to be air dry not uninspired by machine. There are a lot different kinds of pastas. They even add the flavor into the pasta which I never saw it before. I really want to try the spicy pasta because I genuinely miss the spicy noodle in my hometown. The factory was built for such a long time and everyone there likes their job. I learned how to make pasta today it is really a new experience for me! The pasta factory let me remembered the days when I was an intern working at the laundry. It is really a tired job. I learned that globalization is everywhere immediately. Even the small town has it’s advantage to export to other countries.

Then, we went to the Slow Food, which is such a good place that even help people learn about how to cook the traditional food. I really enjoy the place, even thou I don’t like cheese, but the process to make the cheese is really interesting and the producer even made a pig by cheese. The food there is so delicious which made me to finish all of them and still wants more. The atmosphere there is so good that everyone singing and dancing to enjoy the Italian songs.

I learned how to make cheese and dancing like the Italian people. It is really helpful for me to be interested at the travel major to see more places in the future. The common is that I really want to have the same dessert in our hotel. It is so good and I want to have it again.

The trip today is so good that as a people really like eating foods I thoroughly enjoy it. Here is another common, we may go to more food factories in Italy in the future. That will be so much fun!

Yingying Zhang