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First Group Trip



As this is my first blog, I will introduce myself. My name is Jacquelyn and I am a senior at JWU, majoring in International Hotel and Tourism management. Our trip was made for Castellammare di Stabia, Italy. We have been here for about two weeks now. Time flies when you’re having fun!

This trip to Italy has been one of the most amazing trips I have ever had. It is my first time abroad and I have gotten the chance to visit and book trips to places I would have never imagine. I have been learning so much about food and the culture here in Europe. One of my favorite things about Europe is the food! Since the first day I arrived in Italy, I have been taking pictures of every plate I have eaten. The meals here are so fresh and delicious. Italy has introduced me to new dishes that I have never heard of or imagined ever eating. I am always open to try new dishes. I feel you have to try everything at least once to form an opinion. My motto here is to not say no to anything that is put in front of me.

Today, we visited a Pasta Factory in Gragnano, Italy. As a foodie, I have always wanted to see how pasta was made and packaged. The pasta factory produced over 100 different pasta shapes. The long processes and the passion the workers had about the food been incredible. Although because the machines were a bit loud, I could not really hear what our tour guide had to say. No complaints here though, when would I ever get to experience it again. I have learned that there is such thing as pasta made with chili’s or lemon. I could not keep my hands off buying some to take home. Later on in the day, we stopped at the Slow Food headquarters, where we witnessed fresh mozzarella being made. The Slow Food Company is just as it sounds. They focus on fresh food products and the importance of it. The wonderful members cooked us a delicious 3 course meal. After, we danced off all the food to Italy folk dance music. I was so eager to learn what the traditional Italian dance was and I finally got the chance. Our excursion coordinator, Audrey, taught us how to play Italian instruments and the traditional dances of Napoli. The whole group had a blast and we have plenty of videos and pictures to share. We also learn about how important bees are to the planet. I did not know how many products could come from a bee hive or how pollen can be eaten. A bee keeper taught us the benefits of bees and their environment. He also taught us how eating pollen cleanses your body and provides the needed vitamins of a day. I was convinced and bought some to try with my yogurt. Everyone at the Slow Food headquarters was so nice and hospitable. I thought it was a great place for us to visit.

So far, this program has helped me realize the difference in culture from America. For example, everyone is in no rush to go anywhere when walking. Also, hospitality is a bit different here compared to the United States. When sitting at a restaurant, there is not rush for turnovers. You have to ask for your check if you are ready to go. People do not usually tip for services and the sales people go the extra mile to help you. In only two weeks, it has been such a culture immersion so far.

First Group Trip