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Swedish Dinner Disaster

6 American girls, 3 trips to the grocery store, and a completely foreign kitchen. Yeah, that’ll definitely go well…right?

About that. After bonding with some of the girls, we decided to come back to the Annex (the apartment myself and 9 others girls share) and cook ourselves a full meal.

Challenge #1: go to the grocery store and buy food.


Right well none of us know the currency and we can’t read any of the products so that’s already setting us up for failure. And grocery stores are completely different from American stores.

Challenge #2: get back to the apartment safely and without getting in the way.

We are miserable at getting out of the way. People in Sweden are very focused on where they are going and if you are in their path, move or be walked over. They do not follow the typical American rule of “stay to the right.” It got to the point where we asked someone to teach us the word for “sorry” just so we can apologize to everyone even if they ran into us.

Challenge #3: use the appliances without burning the place down

This was probably the most difficult part. The oven is in Celsius and I’m almost 98% sure we ended up cooking garlic bread on 560 degrees Fahrenheit.




After an hour of cooking, discovering we bought tomato soup instead of tomato sauce and a giant sticky lump of pasta, we finally completed our meal!


The meal wasn’t amazing but it didn’t matter- it was seriously a great time. I’m so glad I put myself out there and talked to some girls; they’re seriously great and we’ve already made plans to travel to London together in a few weeks.

Lesson Learned: talk to people- you won’t regret it, take a risk- you’ll be surprised, and most importantly: 50 cent pasta is 50 cents for a reason.