JWU Student Blogs


At freshmen orientation one thing the orientation leaders talk to the freshmen about is diversity. As a student coming from a diverse high school I didn’t think much about going to school with people with different races, backgrounds, country of origin, or who speak different languages than I do. One thing was for sure though and that was I didn’t think the type of people I would be friends with would change much while in college. I thought my college friends would be a lot like my friends from home: people who look, speak, and think the way I do.

Now, as a junior, I think about how glad I am that I went far beyond my comfort zone when it came to meeting new people. My closest friends here at Johnson and Wales are from California, Texas, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, and Malaysia. Coming to college is often nerve-racking, but the best thing any freshman can do is to be sure to meet new people and go out of their comfort zones. I’m sure glad I did.