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The Journey Begins

First off- hello! I’m Nicki and I’m a student at Johnson & Wales University. I am attending the Freshman Sweden Study Abroad trip and will be in Goteburg, Sweden for 70 days. This blog will be a glimpse into some of the crazy things we get up to including my school experiences, traveling through Sweden, and venturing out into other parts of Scandinavia/Europe!

Ok, now that that’s out of the way…

Sweden is such a beautiful country. Seriously, even the people are beautiful. They must all spend hours on their appearance, or are just incredibly gifted in the gene department. image

In the few days since we arrived, it feels like we’ve been moving non-stop. Combine exploring, tours, and jet-lag and it has been one interesting experience. We’re all exhausted but none of us will slow down. There’s so much to see and do- and it’s hard to remember that we have plenty of time!


So far, everything is fantastic and we’re all getting along well. And with only a day until we start classes, I’m super ready to start this journey!

Talk to you soon!

Fair warning: This blog will be entirely my opinions/thoughts and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Johnson & Wales University. In an attempt to honestly reflect my program, I will share my experiences good and bad.