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si ritrova in italia: My background.


(Photo credit to Laura A., Panamá, Central America - Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management FAM Trip Feb. 2012)

Hello everyone, so as you know already my name is Antonio. Currently a senior at Johnson & Wales, who like many of you may also be an honors student enrolled in the SHARP Program finding yourself flying through university before you even notice it began.

I am originally a Long Islander, for those who don’t know what that means… Typically, a Long Islander is considered a New Yorker, but we are actually the better population ;) We are this little (118 miles long) island jetting out from New York where you will find your “city burrows” and best beaches.

My parents both originate from Southern Italy (Calabria, the region just South to Campania, where you may be doing your studies) making me an Italian-American. My life has been filled with Italian culture since infancy, I come from a large family and most still live throughout Italy today. I am a speaker of Italian, and have also taken a liking for French (<33) and Spanish. Languages I consider a passion of mine along with wine (take the sommelier concentration —- you will learn so much about Europe) and people!

Anyhow, since I love to ramble… Please follow and enjoy my blog! Some posts will pertain to our class excursions and others will be about my personal travels and visiting family in the old country. :)


Antonio Barbieri

si ritrova in italia: My background.