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Back to America


Our van was finally downstairs waiting for everyone to bring their suitcases downstairs. I felt bittersweet about leaving. I had gain a whole new viewpoint on life. Barcelona is only one of many different places in the world, and learning to embrace those differences was the greatest adventure.

The airport was empty yet again. This time when I went to get my ticket and put my luggage away it wasn’t so easy. At the checkout they asked me a billion questions about my luggage, but I understand it was for safety purposes. Luckily security went smoothly. When we saw McDonalds, I started having an urge for American fatty food. It sounded horrible and it was so early in the morning, but I knew I was going to be on a long flight back home so I was ready to eat.

When I thought everything was good and I was about to board, I was pulled aside to get completely searched. I had no idea why they chose me, but TSA was friendly and polite. When they finished searching me, I was finally able to get on the plane. This is where I began to recap my trip. It started to feel like a dream that never really happened. If it wasn’t for the billion pictures and videos I took, I wouldn’t believe I was truly there.

Barcelona was all I expected and so much more. The people from Catalonia/Barcelona were extremely friendly, especially if one was willing to learn about their language, culture, and food. It was easier for me to converse with them because I know Spanish, but most of the people I talked to knew some English. For non-Spanish speakers I would recommend trying to learn basic words that could help them get by.

I had traveled in many ways in Barcelona. I went in a taxi, I took the metro, the train, and the bus, I also went on a Hop on Hop off tour, and lastly I walked, a lot. The metro was really easy to use once I got the hang of it, and I loved taking the taxi at night. I had the best conversations with the taxi drivers.

One thing I learned from this FAM Trip, was to keep an open mind and not to judge others. Sometimes I was scared to talk to people, but it was the best way to meet new people and to learn from them. Fear is your worst nightmare. Once you get past your fear, you are unstoppable. I learned a lot about myself through this trip. I love to talk and I love learning about people and where they come from. I believe that will take me far because I take an interest in other people’s culture. I am not afraid to venture off and see new things. Now that I lived through this FAM Trip, I can say I am willing to travel more to learn about different cultures. Overall my FAM Trip experience was one to remember. I met great new friends that I would always have a connection with. I’ve grown not only as a person, but as a traveler as well. And finally, I now have three stamps on my passport. There are more to come really soon!