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Our Last Day

You could have called it a free day or last day, but I had a mission to do all the things I still hadn’t done in Barcelona. I couldn’t believe time had passed so fast, but this last day was going to consist of a lot of things in a short period of time. I was ready to venture off on my own, but I was thankful when one of my classmates, Derek, decided to join me on my little adventure. We started the day out right by going to church. It was Ash Wednesday, which is a holy day for Catholics. The church was different than the church I go to back at home, but it was still nice to be welcomed by the church parish. Afterwards we had lunch at La Creperia, where I had one of the greatest crepes.

Time was already going too fast because when we realized the time, it was already time to meet with our tour guide for the day. We had to meet near Plaza Catalunya, and I’ve passed there so many times, but the day I had to be there I couldn’t find it. Derek and I were running down different streets trying to find our way. If it wasn’t for a young lady who pointed us in the right direction, I believe our tour guide would have left us, but finally we saw the bright yellow umbrella waiting for us. We hopped on the bus and found empty seats to sit in.

The tour guide was Danny and he worked for Barcelona Guide Bureau. We had booked the tour prior to arriving to Barcelona. The bus was taking us to Mountjuic for a Panoramic Tour. We began by passing the city and seeing a few things along the way. For instance, we saw where they have a statue of Christopher Columbus pointing towards the United States.

We passed the Port of Barcelona. These two places seemed like great places to visit on foot, so I made a mental note to try to visit it later that day. We started making our way to Mountjuic where you can see the best panoramic view of Barcelona. I was taken aback by the view. On Mountjuic we saw the Olympic Stadium where the 1992 Olympics were held. We stopped a few times for pictures until we found ourselves at The Spanish Village.