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Trip to Montserrat


We had to meet a Julia Travel early in the morning to get our tickets for our tour to Montserrat. I read about the Montserrat Mountains and all of its beautiful view. When our tour guide came out, it was no other than Marcos, our first tour guide in Barcelona, for the Tapas Tour. It was great seeing a familiar face. He was a great tour guide giving us details about Barcelona and about the Mountains.

On the bus ride to the top of the mountains he told us all about the mountains. For one, the mountains are known as the sacred mountains of the Virgin Mary. There is a church up on the mountain that has the Black Virgin Mary holding her son Jesus. These mountains are sacred to the Catalans and they are more than welcoming of others.


I fell in love with everything in Montserrat because I felt a spiritual connection. The mountains looked like deformed people to me, and when I mentioned it to the tour guide he said that people believe the angels came down to the mountains to create guardians. So, the image of people I was seeing wasn’t a fixation of my imagination. Overall, the view from atop the mountain was breathtaking.


Before I left Montserrat I was able to light a candle in the church and say a prayer. I left Montserrat feeling free and happy. I would recommend it not only for religious people, but for anyone with an open mind. Plus it was a great place to take photos. When we left the mountain we left the opposite side that we entered, so it was like we had gone around the whole mountain.

Later that evening we had dinner at Café & Te. The service was great and there were a variety of foods. They had about four different types of menus. One had tapas, another had different types of paellas, another had basic foods, and another had a mixture of all three. My first desire was a drink called Bora Bora. It had four layers; the bottom layer had condensed milk, then thick hot chocolate, and then coffee, and lastly whipped crème. Honestly, it was like heaven. Some people saw my drink and had to have one of their own. It was by far the best thing I had in Barcelona. I love sweets and this made the perfect end to the perfect day I had at Montserrat.

The night was still young so all of my classmates, who by now have become great friends of mine, decided to go out to he W Hotel. We went up to the 26th floor where they have their Sky Bar. The view was spectacular. You were able to see the Mediterranean with a sky view of the city. Even Clayton, a Johnson & Wales alumni, joined us for a night of fun. The music and company called for a great night.