JWU Student Blogs


The day started off relaxed. We made our way to Turismo St. Ignasi School where we learned about the Term Abroad and Master’s program they offered. It was informative and everyone there seemed nice. We had lunch at the school but we weren’t there for long. We had to meet our group members at the train station on time so we could catch our train to Frexienet. Since we were on a tight schedule we had to hurry to the train station. The weather was crisp and cold and trying to run in it was causing me to feel sick.

Finally we made it to the train station and we barely made it on time. Luckily, we were on our way there. The train wasn’t underground like the metro, which meant we were able to see the beautiful scenery Barcelona had to offer. Along the way I was able to see those mountains I loved so much when I first arrived to Barcelona. When we finally arrived to Frexienet we took a tour of their cava factory. I am a wine lover so I enjoyed the tour and the production of Frexienet’s cava. Cava is Spain’s signature sparkling wine. After that tour I was a loyal drinker of Frexienet Cava.