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Today we went to La Sagrada Familia, which is a very popular church in Spain. Part of the church was built by Antoni Gaudi. The church was detailed from inside out. We had a different type of tour that I wasn’t expecting. We had head sets and as we walked though each part of the church we were given insight to each detail in the church. On one side of the church they had the birth of Jesus with the Three Kings, and Virgin Mary. On another side they had the crucifixion of Jesus. Inside you were able to see the stain glass which lit up the whole church.

Our final destination was to Plaza Catalunya. From there we were able to have free time to do what we pleased. Plaza Catalonia was near the Ramblas. A few of us decided to go wondering around to shop. Some of my favorite shops were the small ones located inside the narrow streets in the Old Gothic Quarter. As a tourist I wanted the best deal for everything. I had my converter so whenever I felt something was overpriced I would show the merchants how much they were charging in “Americano Dollars.” I enjoy bargaining and it was fun trying to bargain both in Spanish and English. I believe I was very fortunate to know Spanish, but for non-Spanish speakers, I believe if you try to converse with them, the merchants and sellers would be friendlier.

Getting lost in Barcelona was an adventure in itself for me. Whenever we went down a new street near Las Ramblas, it was a whole new world. It was interesting to find small shops owned by Indians, Asians, and other immigrants. It reminded me of being home in the USA. After talking to a few people who were born and raised in the area, I learned that the mix of cultures was recent. I grew up with a range of different types of diversities, so seeing a place that is just becoming diverse wasn’t a big shocker.

After my little adventure through Las Ramblas we had a wonderful dinner at Flamenco Tablao Corobes. We had a buffet style dinner with different types of food and dessert. Afterwards we watched a Flamenco show. The service was great throughout our stay.