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Our apartment Easy Sleep Gaudi, was located in the perfect place. It was near a metro stop and they had everything around it. They also had several markets around the area. One of the markets we went to was called Mercat de la Concepcio. This market had fresh fruits, vegetables, bread, eggs, and meats. Around the corner of the house there were several banks, but I trusted one bank called Santander. The first time at the ATM I had to use my handy dandy converter on my phone. I had to make sure I was taking out the right amount of Euros for each USD. All of these small experiences are meaningful because it was so different from being in the USA. At first using the Euro was confusing, but I got the hang of it.


The apartments were beautiful. Each room had two bedrooms, at least one or two bathrooms, a living room, a patio, and a dining area. It was the perfect little apartment for our week stay in Barcelona. The beauty of having our place was that we were able to cook whatever we wanted and we had a little more freedom in our places. No one would come and clean up after us, so we were responsible for ourselves and our apartments.

We had lunch at La Rita, which was a small restaurant that had friendly service. We soon learned that in Barcelona, the waiter never rushes the consumer. Whenever the customer was ready to leave they simply asked for the cuenta (check) and went on their way.

Later that day I was faced with a difficult switch. Prior to going to Barcelona I had mapped out everything from the apartments, to La Rita, to our tour starting point where we would go to later. We all decided it was best to take the metro, which was honestly my biggest fear. I had never taken the metro alone, and since my group was still the tour conductors for the day, it was up to me and my team to figure out how to use it. When it was time to meet up for our Tapas Tour, I was nervous because I had no idea which way to go. Luckily, I was given a metro map and a little direction on how to get where we needed to meet.

When we finally met with our Tour Guide, Marcos, I felt relieved. I finally began to loosen up and have a great time with the rest of the group members. During our Tapas Tour, I learned that tapas are a regular dish to order in Spain. Tapas are to Spain what appetizers are to the USA. Instead of ordering a meal that comes with everything, in Spain it is custom to order several tapas as a meal. The tour consisted of walking through Las Ramblas, which is a popular street with everything in Barcelona, as well as walking through the Old Gothic Quarter. We were able to witness the Giants made for their Carnivale, a festivity they were having before Ash Wednesday. This tour was great for our first day because it gave us a taste of Barcelona.