JWU Student Blogs

Finally Arrived

The sun began to slowly creep into the windows. My stomach began to growl. All of a sudden my inner hungry was awakened by the smell of fresh croissants. Sure enough, as I looked down the aisle of the plane, I saw the nice flight attendant from the night before walking with trays of breakfast. When she finally got to me I couldn’t control my happiness at the sight of food. I must say, that was the best breakfast I had in a while. I had a warm croissant with yam and some orange juice.

We finally landed at Barcelona’s airport. As we got onto the jet way to leave the plane, I felt a gust of cold wind. I hadn’t been in the cold for a few years, so feeling this weather made me shiver. When I was packing, I looked at the weather in Barcelona. I couldn’t believe it was going to be cold, but everyone insisted I pack warm clothes. Luckily I did, because the days to come were going to be long and cold. I made my way to the passport window where the man seemed friendly yet firm. I assume it’s because of his line of work. He laughed at my passport that must have seemed naked to him. This was the first time my passport was going to be stamped. I felt like a child, but I was excited to have it stamped. One stamp and I was on my way to my suitcase.

Luckily everyone received their suitcases and we met up with our bus company that was going to transport the group from the airport to our apartments. Yes, I said apartments. I was excited about a lot of things, but being able to say I lived in Barcelona for one week was priceless. The driver gave us maps and discount coupons to use in Barcelona. My attention wasn’t in that bus though. I was looking out the window past the few buildings around. There were mountains everywhere. I felt like I was in a place that mixed New York (though the buildings weren’t as tall) and Puerto Rico (my family’s homeland). I couldn’t understand how a city could be surrounded by such natural beauty like these mountains.