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Viaje a Barcelona

The stretch black limousine started approaching the Wildcat Center at my University. The windows were tinted so no one could see inside. My heart began to skip a beat because I knew in just a few hours I would be on a plane to Barcelona.

Getting to Miami International Airport was easy. Luckily there wasn’t any traffic and everyone in the limo was entertaining themselves with small talk. We’ve been going to class at 8:30am every Wednesday for the past few months, but we still didn’t know each other too well. I was just hoping this trip would create new bonds and longtime friends.

We had an easy transition at the airport. We passed though security without an issue and we made our way to our gate. I sat by the terminal waiting for the flight. All I could do was go over how my trip was going to be. It was surreal that in a few hours I would be in a whole other part of the world.


When they finally started boarding the plane we went straight in. The plane was pretty empty near the section our group was sitting in. One of my classmates, Miguel, was supposed to sit next to me, but he moved to a row of 3 seats that no one was sitting in. All of our classmates followed suit and picked sections so we could all sleep comfortably. Before we even took off I began dozing off. I recall waking up to one of the flight attendants offering me dinner. I probably took one bite of my pasta and went back to sleep. The remainder of the flight is still a mystery.