JWU Student Blogs


Hi everyone! My name is Dias Dobson. I am a senior marketing major at Johnson & Wales University Charlotte. I am the Co-Editor of the West Trade Review, JWU Charlotte’s literary journal.


Three of my favorite things in the world are music, new shoes and good weather.

That’s me to the left in all of my JWU gear. :)

Currently, I am doing an internship at Speak Up Magazine. Speak Up Magazine is a non-profit organization that provides a source of income for the homeless through the vendor program; Speak Up also provides outreach services. As a relatively new organization it is my job as a marketing intern to present the company with cost effective ways to increase public awareness. Due to my love of reading and writing, I also assist thru blogging, writing and editing.

I hope you guys enjoy following me through my internship and my senior year! I’m sure there’s lots of great things to come! :)