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JWU Safety and Security

I think today is a fitting day to post about Safety and Security at JWU. When I was looking into colleges we had already gone through the shooting at Virginia Tech so needless to say this was a concern for my parents and it will probably be a concern for yours as well. You never know where these kind of things can happen so it’s important for the school you pick to be prepared and I think JWU is. These are some of the ways JWU makes sure the students and faculty are safe at all times:

  • JWU Alerts are alerts that are sent to your phone. You’ll notice in the JWU handbook it doesn’t tell you to turn your phones off during class, they ask that they be turned to silent or to vibrate. This is because if there is an emergency on campus there will be an automated alert text and/or phone call. It will tell you the time and date and where the problem is and what precautions to follow. JWU will tell you ahead of time if there will be emergency tests of the system which happen every so often. I remember getting one last tri because there was a problem in Downcity Providence and even though it wasn’t directly with the school they still sent an alert out to everyone. Your parents can also register their number so they receive the alerts as well.
  • Around campus there are also these call boxes, really hard to miss. They have Safety and Security written on them and a blue light on top. If you see you need to use them you push the button and it connects to Safety and Security. and yes they do work because my book bag has connected to it a few times!
  • There are Safety and Security centers on each campus, 1 Downcity less than a minute away from JWU, and 1 on Harborside in the Friedman Center. You can go here if you have any problems and you can also get a ride back to your campus if the buses are no longer running. Someone is ALWAYS there.
  • The thing you will probably notice the most is the constant presence of Safety and Security on campus. They look like police but they are hired by JWU. Their cars are white and say JWU Safety and Security right on them and they have lights on top. They are always driving around campus, in the parking lots, parked somewhere or roaming the campus.

So at the end of the day I feel pretty safe going to JWU. Yeah you might groan out when you get at 5 AM alert but hey, it’s working. JWU did a lot of these changes after Virginia Tech like most schools did and they do work. When you first come to JWU you are given a safety presentation and they give you the Safety and Security number to plug into your phone. They know that we go to school in a city and I’m not going to sugarcoat it that Providence doesn’t always scream safe but they do make it safer.

Don’t forget to call your parents today and keep all those children that were killed today in your thoughts and prayers <3