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Intern at the place 'Where Dreams Come True'!


If you’re a ‘disnerd’ like me you’ve probably always dreamed of working for the Walt Disney Company, well now is your chance! Chef Pauli, a recruiter for the Disney Culinary Program will be visiting our Providence campus in October to hold interviews for the program and information sessions. You can come to any of the sessions to get any information (I went to the presentation the fall of my freshman year just to see something Disney related so you’re never too early!) Chef Pauli right now is looking for culinary/pastry interns for the Winter/Spring trimesters. Your internship term could be either a Winter or Spring Independent Internship. Apply online and if you get through to the interview Chef Pauli will be doing interviews on campus.

There will be an information session hosted by DCP Alumni on Monday October 1st from 4-6 in Room 307 of John Hazen White.

There will also be a presentation on 10/16 from 10-11 AM and 10/18 from 3:30-4:30 most likely in the HAC Ampitheater.

You can stop by Red Sauce on Wednesday October 3rd and 15th from 11-2 at the information booth to get some brochures and experiences about the program.

You can also visit the Disney booth and a variety of other booths at the Career Fair from 9:30-2:30 on 10/18 in the HRC

I can personally testify on how wonderful this program is. This past Spring Tri I was a Pastry Cook II at Walt Disney World’s Polynesian Resort. I worked with a wonderful ‘ohana and cousins (our lingo for family at the resort) and lived with fantastic roommates while experiencing the best time of my life in my favorite place. I learned a lot about the industry and I also learned a lot about myself and my future. I am currently a Campus Representative at the Providence Campus and will be applying in the spring for the fall program. I hope to work for Disney full time in the future for the rest of my life. When I left WDW on my vacation there in 2010 I knew I was going to be back, but as a Cast Member. I realized my dream and went for it and working for them made me realize my even bigger dream of working for them forever.

If you want more information visit the Disney College/Culinary Program website

If you would like to ask me personally about anything regarding my experience or details about the program feel free to visit my blog disneybakerdcp

This program is what you make of it but even if you just thought about it a little bit or you know you have your heart set on it, come get some information at the booths and information sessions and apply, all you need is faith and trust, and a little bit of Pixie Dust :)