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1st Pastry Arts Club Meeting Tonight!

Hey Everyone!

So tonight is the first meeting for JWU Providence’s Baking and Pastry Arts Club. I was in it Freshman and Sophomore year and am definitely going back. It is a really great club to be a part of!

You can pay to join for the year or for the tri and your dues cover the cost of ingredients and time, etc. Essentially the club gets you even more involved with BPA. And you dont have to be a Pastry kid to be in it! Sometimes they are just presentations, we have had one on wedding cakes, one on a chocolate board game, all really interesting stuff!

It gets really fun when we have demos. We get to go into the kitchens and work with different chefs. Either they demo it for us and sometimes it’s a demo and we get to do it too! We’ve had demos where you make your own Chocolate Apples, bake Pumpkin Pies for homeless shelters for Thanksgiving, make gingerbread houses, dead dough ornaments, a lot of really cool stuff!

If you’re interested the first meeting is TONIGHT September 10th at 8 PM in the HAC AMPITHEATER (pretend you’re coming out of Starbucks facing Red Sauce. Go through the doors on the right and you’ll see the doors in front of you taking you outside and doors to the left leading you down a hallway. Go through the doors on the left and the ampitheater is straight ahead!) and plus there will be ice cream :)