JWU Student Blogs


Hello all, my name is Brittany Rader. I am a transfer student from Indiana and will be attending the Johnson & Wales University Charlotte campus for the next year. I am majoring in the Baking & Pastry Program.

After graduating high school I attended a state university, but after two years did not feel the university was a good fit for me. Also, I had not found a passion for a certain career, so I moved an hour closer to home and enrolled in the local community college, taking a few credit hours each semester. Two summers ago, I was troubling over what I wanted out of my future, so often—running through the list of occupation shadow days, education requirements, and degree of self-satisfaction was enough to drive me to my sweet surrender, baking.

Standing in my kitchen whipping up a batch of gooey, chocolate brownies, it hit me…I would bake. For basically my whole life I have been making sweet treats; as a bored kid I would dig around the house—overturning cushions, shaking out the laundry, and scavenging the yard for enough change to buy a cake mix and icing from the corner discount store. I had never really thought about baking as a career, but as I knew time was just ticking away, I thought why not. After months of researching many culinary schools, I made the decision that I would attend Johnson & Wales University at Charlotte.

This year I will be writing about my experiences and challenges as a transfer student, a commuter, a baking/pastry major, and whatever else gets tossed into the mix. I look forward to sharing my journey with you, my readers.