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My First Time Out of the Country!

My name is Emily Ciliberto, I’m a Junior studying International Business with concentrations in Marketing Communications and Human Resource Management. I’ll be spending the next three months at one of the world’s leading hotels, Adare Manor, in Ireland. Here I will be interning in the sales, marketing and events office.

I’m finishing up week two of the internship and it has been an adventure so far! After a 6 hour flight across the pond, I spent my first two days in Dublin City. I then traveled another 5 hours by bus to the small village of Adare.

My first day of work began with a horse and carriage ride and a falconry show! We were sampling new activities to bring on for the guests of the hotel for the summer months. Since then I’ve been working on marketing some of our atheltic fields to the national Irish rugby, hurling, and football teams. I’ve also been working with the reservation system of the hotel in regards to the upcoming weddings we will be having here at the end of the month!

Keep a look out for more posts to come! Here’s a picture of the Manor for everyone to see!