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South Korea 2012 - Weekend # 1 in Seoul

Well, studying about the culture is one thing and living it is another… Myself, together with a couple of friends and group members, literally lived the South Korean culture last night, and it was nothing but AMAZING!!!

We were walking on the streets and discovered this restaurant and Karaoke place. 7080 Live … Well, the place was normal and there were some local Koreans singing. As soon as they finished, the place was pretty dull and quiet, until the JWU 2012 South Korea study abroad group jumped in!!!

John Hunsucker, from the Charlotte campus, was the man of the night! He took the courage and initiative to step forward and sang “Lean on me” with Mara from Providence. Well, what’s next?!?! The Korean crowd goes crazy and the next song “Proud Mary” was the killer and we all jumped in. The Korean people were having such a great time that they jumped in too, singing and dancing with us. We were all dancing and laughing and mingling with the locals. The night was just amazing. The proof will follow soon in the next blog post!

Special thanks to the ‘Learn Korean’ app on the Iphone and the first lesson from Ryan Nowack, we managed to adequately communicate our desire to sing and interact with the local crowd. The local restaurant manager was a very nice lady and after all that singing asked if we “ATE” and brought our group some watermelon (a quarter of it). Sweet watermelon and a sweet night!

A great first weekend at Seoul, South Korea… Keep following for further pictures, videos and updates!