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My first flight out of the country

Hello, I have just experienced my first flight to California, and out of the country. The flight to California was like any other flight I had been on, just a few hours longer which seemed like forever. My flight out of the country was a totally different experience. Thinking about this 12 hour flight to South Korea was nerve wrecking, could I really be on an airplane for that long? While boarding the flight, I caught myself looking around the airplane in shock. The first class section of course looked extremely comfortable. Then when you get to the economy section it was just like any other plane I had been on, but worse it seemed a lot more cramped. How can they put people on a flight now a days with no wifi, I just couldn’t understand that. Not to mention the TVs were in the most awkward spots, making it hard to watch. After the the safety announcement and the departure announcement, I noticed the attendant walking around handing out forms of paper. The forms were to give to customs after we had reached Korea and exited the plane. Never had I been on an airplane before and had to fill out personal information to hand to customs. As far as the food, I have never had an airplane meal prior to this experience. I skipped the first meal they served, because I had bought something to eat in the airport and of course that looked a lot better then what they were serving. The last meal they served I gave in and tried it. My first airplane meal ever and it was noodle stir fry with raspberry shortbread cookies on the side; I found that quite interesting. Honestly, what’s better than a microwaveable meal, NOT! Also, I noticed how every time they gave directions, or made an announcement, they always said it in English first then Korean, which I found interesting. I guess that concludes my flight experience, ow its time for me to enjoy an exciting opportunity of exploring Seoul. Sincerely, Allie