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So Is It Worth It?

Now that I’m halfway done with college I’ve been asked a lot: is JWU worth it? and more recently I’ve been asked is the Disney Culinary/College Program worth it? At the end of the day I only have one answer for both of them and that answer is: yes.

Friday I interviewed for a new job and they pretty much gave it to me


ok so in all seriousness. I pretty much gave my availability for the summer and school vacations. He told me he normally wouldn’t even look at my application but he saw that I went to Johnson and Wales for BPA and he wanted to talk to me. We talked about what I learned in school and then we talked about me working for Disney. And everyone I talked to there all knew JWU, and some even knew of the DCP.

Normally he would start new hires in the factory line. Loading things on sheet pans, putting them on a conveyor belt, unloading things of sheet pans and putting them in boxes. But because of my resume and my work experience he put me in the Patisserie making all the baked goods for the stores and maybe even working on wedding cakes. All because an 8x11 piece of paper has Johnson and Wales University and the Walt Disney Company on it.

So I went to JWU and received a great education from great chefs and learned things I never even thought I could learn. I mean come on, this year I learned how to make roses not out of fondant or gum paste, but bread! And all my hard work and JWU led me to being accepted to the Disney Culinary Program for Baking and Pastry. and that alone leaves doors and windows open down the road.

So I’m not even done with school and it’s already helped me find a job. JWU having that mandatory internship was one of the greatest perks I considered when looking into colleges in high school and it’s turned out to be one of the most valuable resources. So if you’re thinking about whether JWU, or just college in general is worth it, you have a big yes from me!