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Le Panier Very French Bakery - Seattle, WA

I’ve always loved French baking. From the macarons, assorted croissants, pastries, napoleon, and bread, I really do love working here.

Macarons - Vanilla, Lemon, Chocolate, Hazelnut, Orange, Pistachio, Raspberry, and Cafe.

Croissants - Croissant au beurre, Pain au chocolat, Croissant a l’abricot, Croissant a la framboise, Amandine, Chocolatine, Croissant aux fruits, Roule aux noix, Pain aux raisins, and Jambon-Mornay.

Josephines - A cream puff filled with pastry cream, fresh strawberries, chantilly cream, and topped with toasted almonds.

Napoleon - Also known as Mille-feuille. One of my favorite things to make at the bakery!