JWU Student Blogs


Hey Everyone,

Today was orientation! So much to learn in one day. Imagine trying to figure out what is going on in a new establishment, but on top of it trying to understand everyone’s accents! There was never a dull moment for me, but it was fun. The day started off with being at work at 8:30 which meant leaving for the train at 7:30. This is the wrong time to go because we found out it is rush hour. We managed to get to work on time with plenty of time to spare.

For orientation we covered the basic knowledge of the property and the mission statement as well as a tour. We were able to see two rooms in the hotel and they were insane! We did not see the Chairman’s suite but boy I can only imagine! Throughout orientation, we met new people and managed to find someone from the Charlotte campus of JWU. As of right now there are four students from JWU working here which would have been nice to know - we could have worked something out for living. :) There is also a girl from Holland and many people from the Maylasian and Indonesian area. Through this orientation I learned that I would love to work in the kitchen of the hotels!

When we walked through the pastry department it was cool seeing all the toys and how their stations were set up. I will get my uniform tomorrow along with a tour of skypark which is about 57 stories high and has an amazing view of the city. After orientation today the other two girls from JWU and I stayed and watched the water show that is right out front of Marina Bay Sands. It was about ten minutes long and showed the growth of a child and falling in love. We are going to watch it again maybe tomorrow but on the opposite side because apparently it is better because there are lights coming off Marina Bay Sands and adds extra awesomeness.

Fun facts for today: everyone has iPhones; couples will latch onto one another on subways for balance; people in Singapore have amazing balance since most travel on the subway and do not use the bars for balance; car park= parking garage. Favorite fact of the day: there are no sagging of pants here by men! Well tomorrow is a long day and then Thursday start work 4pm to 1am. I will do my best to keep updating.