JWU Student Blogs

Early start to the day

Today we did not have anything planned because we wanted to just relax and see what happened during the day. We still woke up at like 7:30 or at least I did - Jubi got up at 5:30ish. We started to get ready for the day and walked over to the tennis courts with the children and the maid of the house. Yes Jubi and I have a maid and it is going to take some time to get used to. She picks up our room when we leave and cleans the bathroom after we use it for the day and she even did our laundry today, which we did not expect at all!

After the tennis courts we hung out with the kids at the park/pool and one of the sons David was pushed in the pool. He is the middle child and is ten. Steven is the oldest and is thirteen and then there is Juni who is 3 1/2. She is the cutest thing in the entire world and is smiling for the most part. :) The Sir took us to another food market and boy there are so many shopping centers with four floors at least and they all are underground. We then went to the Hawker Center again for lunch and I had wanton noodles which was pretty good as well, but I think tonight I will eat PBJ haha.

When we got back from the center the family had gone to church, so we decided to head to the city and see what was all around there. We went to Raffles Place which is the financial district and has a few museums and the Merlion which is the main symbol for Singapore because it symbolizes the country as a sea port and fishing and a lion because when the country was first settled a lion was the first thing spotted. I finally started to realize all the people awkardly starring at us. We started to go toward the museums but our jetlag was starting to kick in so we decided to head home, but took a detour towards the shopping center in Ang Mo Kio. This is the shopping center we went to earlier in the day but we wanted to see what else was inside this four story mall. There were so many shopping stores as well as food courts.

Finally we headed home and started to crash soon. We have a long day ahead of us tomorrow - two full days of orientation starting at 8:30. Fun facts for the day: Not everyone that is white is from America; walking around the mall with afros looking like LMFAO and loud music is not the norm; you may jay walk, but a car will hit you if you are in its way (I did not get hit, Chef told us this yesterday); couples love to wear matching clothes or same design but different colors like blue and pink. I will keep a book of facts for everyday.