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Yardbird Southern Table & Bar In South Beach

To celebrate my first year of college at JWU, my Aunt took me to Yardbird Southern Table and Bar. Having lived in Atlanta for a good part of my life I always crave Sweet Tea, Biscuits, and Barbecue! Yardbird has all three and more served up with fresh, local ingredients in a truly Southern Atmosphere.

We had Fried Green Tomato BLT as the appetizer, the green tomatoes were fried just right and the house made pimento cheese had a little kick to it that went perfectly with the tomato jelly and pork belly. The Macaroni and Cheese had Torchio Pasta and the blend of 5 cheeses made it some of the best Ive had in a restaurant! Classic southern Chicken and Waffles was spruced up with Tabasco maple syrup and cheddar chow chow waffles. Of course, the standard biscuits with fresh strawberry jam and butter were fantastic and went perfectly with the meal.

I had a great experience in a restaurant that reminded me perfectly of Georgia and Southern Hospitality. Yardbird Southern Bar and Table is a great restaurant for family celebrations or just getting a taste of the south.