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Finish this JWU Academic Year with a Bang

JWU student blogger Ismael Carrizales leads students through a 3-step process to rock the end of the academic year. His recommendations include organization and strict scheduling with a healthy dose of relaxation.

With spring finally in full swing, we might start feeling like it’s time to relax and just cruise until the beginning of summer. As much as we would all enjoy that, now is not the time to slack off. Now is the time to keep pushing and working hard so summer vacation will be that much sweeter. To keep the rising feelings of laziness at bay, here are a few tips to keep you motivated.

Tip #1:Keep a schedule of upcoming events.

I know this sounds totally out of the blue, like how can having a schedule help keep you motivated to work? But trust me, it works. Having a visible schedule has helped me stay organized and feel like I have my life together. I’m one of those people who LOVES to plan ahead so while I have a dry-erase calendar over my desk, I also keep a planner with me when I go to class in case something comes up or changes. While my method definitely seems a little extreme, it’s not the only way to go. Simply filling out the calendar app on your phone or even just having a written list of things coming up can help tremendously.

Tip #2: Reward yourself.

Have a long week approaching up or a big project due soon? Set up something you can do or have after as a way to treat yourself. Whether it’s something simple like some food you’ve been wanting to try or taking the weekend off to sleep and relax, or maybe a day trip to somewhere you haven’t been or buying yourself something you’ve been wanting for a while. Just remember that the level of reward should match the intensity of the activity. Spoiling yourself will only lead to slacking off so try to keep that in mind when rewarding yourself.

Tip #3: Take some time off… in moderation.

Nothing beats taking a break in the middle of writing an essay to keep yourself from losing your mind, but don’t let this break turn into procrastination. Taking a few minutes to sit in silence or go for a walk can be beneficial to your mental health and the health of your work. At all costs, avoid losing focus of your assignment. It’s one thing to take a break but another to completely abandon your task. The trick to this tip is finding the right balance of work and play to make sure you’re working at your best.

You’re now ready to finish off the year strong! With seven weeks left in the trimester, don’t forget to keep working hard and make the rest of the year one for the books.

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