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Taylor Shultz transferred to  JWU Providence and uses her 2nd blog to get down to the nitty-gritty of the transfer experience. It wasn't without stress, but it came with a bright future and a fresh crop of new friends.

Deciding to transfer can be a very tough decision. For me, it was full of emotion and fear. I was sad to leave my previous institution and friends behind, scared of what may happen and anxious over this important decision. But, I had hope for building a promising career and was excited to see what this new chapter in my life had in store for me.

I feel that I made the best decision in my life when I chose come here. Opportunities I never imagined are at my fingertips and I feel pride for my school and fulfillment because of my accomplishments. I don't think any of that would have been possible been possible without JWU Providence.

Taylor and 3 fellow JWU transfer students celebrating transfer life life at a JWU Winter Event.

Helpful & Hospitable

Johnson & Wales made the process of transferring quite painless. When you transfer there are a few extra (simple) steps you will need to follow since you'll want your credits from your previous institution to transfer over. JWU provides you with a variety of resources to assist in the transfer process. First, Academic Services contacted me to inform me of the credits that did and did not transfer over and I was able to ask them any questions. I also was given contact information to get in touch with a transfer adviser who could assist me. Throughout the process I knew that there was always someone available and willing to answer my questions, and in a very timely manner. Not to mention, for someone who was afraid to transfer, JWU was so kind and hospitable throughout the process that I just fell in love with the school. This was important to me because I did not feel that every school was quite as hospitable as JWU during the process, which in my opinion speaks volumes about a school.

Generous with Transfer Credits

If you're thinking of transferring to JWU, you are probably worrying about how many credits will actually transfer and if the statements JWU makes online about their generosity in accepting transfer credits is true. As someone who has transferred to JWU, and has a whole slew of friends who transferred here at the same time, I can tell you this is 100% true. When I saw all of the credits that transferred and compared that to all of the classes I took, I saw that every possible class they could have accepted was transferred over.

What Transfers? What does not?

Dependent on your program of interest, most of what is applicable to your degree program will transfer over. In addition, students are required to take 13.5 free elective credits, so many of the courses you have taken will transfer over.

Making Friends

Leaving your previous university and all of your friends that you made there can be difficult. However, there are so many friendly people here that I didn't find it difficult to make friends. Through joining clubs, joining the Facebook page for my residence halls, getting in contact with other students through the roommate portal, it was easy to find other students I got along with.

Overall Campus Environment

JWU has many transfer students and many students who are older than the "traditional" student age (18-22). Personally, I felt this was a great thing as I am about to turn 23 an it made me feel more comfortable and like I was able to fit in better. Overall, I felt really comfortable when I arrived and because everyone was so friendly it was so easy to get to know others. One of my favorite parts about JWU though is that the student population is so diverse and it has given me the opportunity to meet so many different people from all over the world, which has taught me so much. I have met so many interesting people here and I love interacting with such a diverse group of people every day.

The Takeaway

Overall, JWU is a great school to transfer to and offers a variety of different resources to help you through this process. Not only is the school helpful with the process but when you get here you will find a study body who is friendly and very diverse. When you finally do arrive academic services and your adviser can help you even further in making an academic plan for your time here to ensure you can finish your degree in the most efficient way possible.

If Taylor can do it, you can, too. Follow Taylor's JWU blog to learn more about her.

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