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Start Spring Tri the Right Way

JWU freshman David Allen offers positive advice on making this spring term fun and productive. Savor every moment and soak in that sun, but don’t forget the books!

Isn't it crazy that we are already two-thirds of our way through the school year? It honestly feels like we were just moving in a few weeks ago.

A lot has happened this year and I am pretty excited to finish up the rest of the year on a high note. As a freshman, I've noticed that my first two trimesters flew by. I enjoyed every second of that time and realized that the saying, "time flies when you’re having fun" is an actual thing. I just haven't had the time to really be bored. I was either in class, hanging out with friends, or going to an RA program somewhere in one of the halls. To make this trimester feel a little longer, take it all in because this trimester is only going to happen once. Try to remember all the little things you do because they are just as important as the big things.Find a study spot at Wildcat Center. Photo:David Allen

More Organization. Less Netfix

I know you have a lot on your plate and it really is much easier to just put Netflix on, BUT DON’T DO IT! Not yet. Make yourself a schedule of everything you need to accomlpish for the day or even the week. If you set strict deadlines and follow through, you will free up a lot of time and lose some of that stress that's been building up. Experts suggest that just by making your bed in the morning, your day will already be less stressful. This is because once you accomplish that little task, you are one step into your successful day. So put that at the top of each day on your schedule, at least try!

Try a New Study Spot

This trimester is going to deliver some warm weather that we have all been waiting for. Just remember, the green space isn't just for a rugby game or to toss the Frisbee around. Grab a blanket and a few of your friends to enjoy the warm weather while you study for that big test or a final!  If you don’t feel like studying outside, the library isn’t the only place to study, try using one of the study rooms down the hall or even better, try the Wildcat Center. Go to the second floor and grab one of the really comfy chairs right outside the gym and break out the books there. You would be surprised how much work I got done up there my first two trimesters.

Lastly, set some goals that you know are going to push you to new heights. These goals should be reachable and not unrealistic. When making the goals, remember that positivity and hard work will lead to success. Third trimester is going to fly by, but keep your eye on the prize.


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