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Goodbye Singapore, Hello Malaysia!

Hello everyone! It's been a busy week for me. I'm currently sick with a cold but for the most part this week has been very enjoyable.


Above are some dishes that I made that are inspired by New Asian Cuisine; which is a mixture of east & west cooking styles and cuisine. The plate on the lower left is poached salmon with caviar and cauliflower mash, the top plate is a baked cod with wasabi yams, and the plate on the bottom left is seared scallops with cauliflower mash.

For one of our school field trips we got to go on a tour around the Hyatt's Strait Kitchen here in Singapore. We were also treated to a nice buffet style dinner there as well that featured Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Malaysian cuisine. Both the picture above and the one below show some of the foods I had while dining there; and yes you can bet your money that I went to ALL of the buffet stations there to sample a little of everything!

For another one of our class field trips we were invited to eat at a traditional Malaysian restaurant, Nur Indah, which is pictured above. The restaurant is owned by a former student that attended the At-Sunrice academy that is hosting our stay here.  At the Malaysian restaurant each table got to share this huge platter that is pictured above that featured items like, bean sprouts, spiced noodles, curry chicken, beef rending and bean sprouts. We were also served snail at the Malaysian restaurant which I was not too fond of; it made me feel as if I had swallowed a tadpole. The most unique thing about the Malaysian restaurant was that we had to follow Malay tradition and eat with our right hands only. No silver ware allowed!

On another one of our excursions we got to visit a Malay Museum; which was once a home to a rich Malay family. This picture is of model boats that were featured in the Malay museum. They are the models of boats that were used between the 1600's-1800's.

Above is a picture of me with the founder of At-Sunrice Academy on the left, and Peter Knipp in the middle. Peter Knipp is a world renowned and recognized chef that has worked all over the world at top notch places. He came and talked with us briefly at school, and I must say it was truly an honor to meet him.

Above is a picture of an Indian Temple, Sri Veeramakaliamman temple, that we were able to visit. There were people praying on the inside, and I thought it would be an invasion of their privacy to take photos inside, but it was a truly beautiful place and experience.

Above is a picture of one of our Chefs who served as our tour guide around the Indian Market, which was located in Little India. There was an abundance of local spices, fruits, meats and fish to buy.


On another one of our excursions we got to visit and tour the S.A.T.S kitchen which makes over 120,000 meals a day for different airline flights and businesses. They didn't allow us to take photos inside the facilities, but it was pretty impressive and we got to sample a few things as well



So glad we got to meet Chef Fredrick in the picture above. He is a renowned chef that owns a shop called Do.Main here in Singapore, he's a 3rd generation macaroon maker.


Also, our group was featured in a local Newspaper here in Singapore!


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