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Pan Asian Study Abroad Tour 2k15 with Keyata


Hi, my name's Keyata and it's hard to believe that in just 4 days I will begin my journey into Singapore! For the last few weeks I've been going crazy and pondering what to bring, what to expect, and trying to prepare myself mentally for the journey ahead of me. However I've read a few articles that have made me feel a bit more secure about what to bring, and  I've also read up on standard customs for Thailand and Singapore, so  I should be ok. Right?

 I think my biggest fear is the plane ride, because this is my first time going out of the country and staying on a plane for so long, so I'm not sure what to expect. My fellow classmates tell me I should be fine, and just to bring a pillow, my laptop, headphones, and just watch some netflix to relax. Needless to say I'll be binge watching Orange Is The New Black the entire way there! I'm also pretty stoked about the official itenerary that was just sent out. According to the itenerary we'll get to go visit muesems, temples, a spice garden, and even ride elephants! I'm so pumped up to experience a different culture that  I can hardly contain the excitement. I'm eager to see what adventures await me in Singapore.

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