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Be Fierce & Conquer

JWU Providence OTEAM leader Paige Zuber knows a thing or two about being declined a job or internship, but she never gives up. Paige ends 2016 with a positive blog about believing in yourself while still dealing with rejection.

So, I heard you didn’t make that job that you were dying to get. First off,  my condolences. I know how hard you pushed yourself and strived to be the best you can be. You truly showed who you are and from that, I am super proud of you. I understand the heartache you felt when you received that email or call that said “Sorry, but not at this time…”

This is just the beginning! Yes, you may have been declined, but that does mean you are declined from everything that you put your mind to. This gives you the opportunity to grow and expand on your already amazing self. You can come back bigger and stronger and try for that job again. You are no less of a person because of that email or call. Sometimes life will give us these curve balls, but in the end, it all turns out for the better. Life has bigger and better things for us as we continue our journey and that job may have been one that was not life’s list for you.

The JWU Providence O Team leaders.

I have a cool fact for you though: did you know that you can still achieve success from joining clubs and organizations on campus? You could become part of a club’s executive board or a fraternity/sorority’s council. I’m making my mark on campus by being on two executive boards. I found my family through clubs and organizations. I've also applied for a ton of internships to only get declined or feel like it wasn’t the best fit for me. After a lot of search though, I finally found one. There are so many opportunities out there and I would hate if this one email or call stopped you from achieving the best version of you that you can possibly be.

 Now go out there and conquer the world. I believe in you. 

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