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My Journey Through Italy

Ciao from Italy! JWU Charlotte student Alexandra Everhart is currently traveling through Italy as a part of the Baking & Pastry Study Abroad program. She's marveling at the beauty of Italy and becoming excited to start work at the world-renowned Fedora Pastry Shop.

Wine Tasting in Northern Tuscany.Image credit: Alexandra Everhart

Let me start by sharing what a huge experience this has been since day one. Before this trip, I did not even own a passport, nor had I ever stepped foot inside an airport. I applied for this study abroad trip not truly thinking that I would ever be accepted. When I received my acceptance letter, I knew I would be crazy to miss this type of opportunity. To get the opportunity to travel throughout a different country, work in a top Italian pastry shop, and graduate early was too good of a chance to pass up.

My flight here was much better than expected. I arrived and was immediately put on the metro to  meet our guide. Have I ever even been on a metro before? NOPE. I can now say though that I have accomplished riding on a plane, metro, bus, and train all within 3 days of being in Italy.

The group visits the Spanish steps and the Trevi Fountain. Of course, they threw in coins for good luck! Image Credit: Alexandra Everhart

The first week of our trip was spent traveling throughout Italy. We started with two days in Rome, and then moved to different towns within Tuscany. Rome was a true test for all of us because our first day consisted of a 99° degree day with over 11 miles of walking. I learned a lot of about the history and origins of Italy and the background of some of the most famous spots, such as the Colosseum. Within the first week, we stayed in 4 different hotels within Tuscany. For anyone who is looking to travel to Italy, I recommend Tuscany. Tuscany has everything from beautiful mountains to clear beaches.

One of the many beautiful beaches in Tuscany. Image credit: Alexandra Everhart

During our last 2 days of traveling, we stayed in the town of Massa, Tuscany, Tuscany. We were right in the middle of the mountains, but also a street over from the ocean side. It was a breathtaking location! We are currently on our way to Florence, Italy for the last three weeks of this trip. I will be working at Fedora Pastry Shop, which is run by Apicius School School. I am excited and yet anxious to be in an Italian pastry lab working! The passion I have for this career field has grown over the last week during our time traveling, so I am very excited to become hands-on and learn exactly what the magic is behind the products we have been trying.

Ciao for now!

JWU Charlotte students, Rachel Cumby and Ross Morgan surround blogger Alexandra Everhart at the the Sacred Woods. They didn't know each other before this trip, but are all extremely close now.

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