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JWU Move-in Mayhem

JWU Providence student Tori Murphy finds the calm after the storm that is JWU move-in day.

Move-in day at Johnson & Wales was hectic, to say the least, but JWU made is as easy as they possibly could for the students moving in, especially incoming freshmen. There were set times and days for everyone to move in and the incoming freshmen also had help lugging their belongings into their assigned room. That was the easiest part of move-in day. Upperclassmen were sent to pick up a student’s things and bring it up into their room. I had the rugby team helping me and I was done in one run.

Tori's JWU res hall is looking spiffy.

The hardest part was unpacking all of this stuff. This concrete shoebox we call our dorm, consisted of: my stuff, her stuff, and both of our families. Everything was spread out on the floor and there was only enough room for our feet. There was literally no place to unpack because we had pretty much filled the capacity of the room with our packed items. Not to mention, it was loud, because in addition to both of our families, there was an entire floor trying to get everything situated. You heard loud noises and even more rustle and bustle as roommates try to slide their furniture to perfect the Feng Shui of their dorms. In my case, I moved only a few things around and then my roommate and I decided we wanted to switch sides, so we had to move everything around again. Talk about a headache.

As soon as the unpacking became a breeze, the time to say "goodbye" was approaching faster. This was the part of the day in which I dreaded for a long time. I did not want to say goodbye to anyone, but I knew it had to be done to be able to start my new, exciting life at JWU. Many other students were in the same boat as me. Looking back, it was sort of comical that everyone was saying their goodbyes and we were all sad at the same time. It was hard to watch parents and siblings teary-eyed as they walked away, but everyone knew they would see them again in a few weeks for Family Weekend.

Once loved ones had left and unpacking was close to being finished, students on the same floor were coming around and introducing themselves. It seemed almost immediate that a swarm of students began roaming around the floor talking and introducing themselves. This made it so much easier to get to know everyone around your floor, even if it was a little overwhelming. Everyone got to know their next-door neighbors, and the rest of their floor in just a few days. The mayhem had somewhat disappeared as everyone finished unpacking the last of their things and hanging out with each other. Success finally hit when everything got unpacked and put away.

Even though my move-in day was mayhem, it was one of the best experiences in my life. I hope you find that move-in day is just the beginning of an amazing adventure. Good luck and have an awesome year!

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