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Jacob Smith is Much More than a College Intern

JWU Denver student Jacob Smith is thriving in his internship at Safe Kids Worldwide. He's traveling the country while advocating for a safer life for children.

Let me start by sharing what an experience my internship has been since day one! Honestly, I didn't expect my Washington, D.C. internship to be like this. It has already been over a month now, I am enjoying it but time flies! 

Jacob is making a difference while interning at Safe Kids Worldwide.

 To give you a little background, I intern at Safe Kids Worldwide. Our mission at Safe Kids is to work to reduce preventable injuries across the world. We focus on home, sports and road safety. I have always had a passion for road safety, but it became a deeper passion when it hit home for me in 2014. I now use my experience to advocate, and work to make our roads safer for everyone.


The highlight of the past two weeks was traveling to Buffalo, New York to attend a Safe Kids Worldwide event. Safe Kids Worldwide and General Motors have partnered to protect children in and around cars since 1997 by creating the Buckle Up Program,  which focuses on child passenger safety, heatstroke awareness, and so much more. I can now educate the community on child restraints, heatstroke awareness, and even highlight our road safety concept of car seats to behind the wheel safety.  In Buffalo, New York I met with the General Motors plant manager. It's so wonderful to know companies like General Motors commit to road safety through nonprofits like Safe Kids Worldwide!

I can't explain everything that I have been doing in this office, but I can say that I am continuing to build a foundation for Safe Kids Worldwide to reach teens and reinforce seat belt safety. It's one of the most important safety steps that anyone can take in a car. Additionally, I am working on a global project with our sponsor, FedEx and other partners. Throughout the week, I take courses on Road Traffic Injury Prevention and Control in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (RTIP) which is provided by John Hopkins International Injury Research

I am so excited for this week! In addition to the many projects, I will be traveling to Detroit, Michigan to meet with a few General Motors executives. I have seen all of the great posts from JWU since classes are starting. It’s different doing an internship in a different state, but I thrilled to have this opportunity. I'd like to think that I have a unique internship because I learn, connect and contribute substantially the goal of reducing preventable injuries worldwide.


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