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Leadership Defined: The Ray Nuñez Story

Blogger Karon Green lists JWU SGA President Ray Nuñez as a leader, a role model and a visionary. Read how Ray Nuñez has inspired Karon, and the whole JWU community, to always strive for greatness.

Throughout my experience in middle school, I was the odd one out. I was the minority. I was the misrepresented and misunderstood. I took high school as a new time to change the way I presented myself and to advocate for those in the same position… –Ray Nuñez

Collage of the Student Government Association Board Members.When I think of historical figures that I’m inspired by, I immediately resort to Dr. Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, President Obama, and even Beyoncé Knowles. I marvel at the many great strides that these individuals took to change the pattern of history. Realistically, I probably won’t be able to come into contact with any of these great icons during my lifetime. However, I was able to cross paths with an admirable role model of mine in our own JWU community at Starbucks one day.  We’ve all come to know Ray (Ramon) Nuñez as our interactive and innovative SGA (Student Government Association) President. Beyond Ray’s title, there are a great amount of underlying factors that established a clear path to success- from his humble beginning in Los Reyes, Michoacán, Mexico to his family’s immigration to New Jersey in 1999.  His family reaped a great amount of blessings that was sown in their transition to the United States. Throughout our interaction, Ray’s tone of voice was very authoritative, he spoke with humor and used strong imagery as he uncovered the tale of his life. It was a powerful real life documentary.  I was inspired by the courageous wit and ambitious strides which are the building blocks of his foundation as a servant leader. As a result, I was pinned tightly to my seat listening intently and reflecting on his dominant word choice.

Ray’s influential role as SGA President provides him a platform to advocate for others through his powerful life message, for the good of the JWU student body. Along with his team of board members, they made a significant impact in uniting our campus through the #oneJWU movement and by laying the groundwork for a student center on the Providence Campus in the future.  Ray goes on further to say, “My decision to lead is because it’s a part of who I am…. Leadership is better described by those who you serve.” Like most of us, Ray was very strategic when digging the roots of his success. It allowed him to break down the barriers of being a mere first-year student and to sculpt a concrete structure of prominence and recognition during his early stages at JWU. As a Graphic Design major, Ray applied his creative ideas as the Head Graphic Designer at the Culinary Arts Museum. Also, Ray quickly immersed himself by becoming a photographer/writer for the JWU Campus Herald and serving as a University Senator all in his first year at JWU!

As a distinguished leader, Ray truly went against all odds by allowing himself to grow and flourish greatly in the JWU community. This ambitious attitude and enlightening spirit gave Ray the ability take advantage of many different opportunities and experiences that would set him apart in the future. His leadership skills were further sharpened by his participation in the College Leadership of Rhode Island with the remarkable opportunity to serve as Student Speaker at the graduation ceremony.  Ray’s unique creative spectrum gave room for a wealth of spontaneous innovation when he founded SWIFT (Students Working to Innovate Future Technology). This experimental club caused an explosive effect on campus because it brought together the leading talents and product ideas of revolutionary entrepreneurs, charismatic designers, imaginative innovators, pragmatic engineers and many other artists.  It’s the first club on campus that I believe will make a substantial contribution to the fabric of our society.

RayNunez Photo credit:  Mr. Philip Garber

Sometimes, I wonder what fuels Ray’s engine of success. With all the qualities of an inspirational leader, he possesses a calm and humble personality that captivates his peers and faculty/staff.  Ray’s family members are superheroes because they save the day with a major driving force of support, inspiration and love. He said in a strong tone that, “My family’s core values have inspired me to pursue my dreams and remain humble.” We’ve seen how Ray has ignited a great depth of passion and dedication throughout the course of his journey. His story is a symbol of the keen spirit that we all share as JWU Wildcats. After graduating in spring 2017, Ray’s future goals are to continue on the path of public service in higher education where he will become a prominent leader in the Providence community. Ray Nunez’s unique legacy will stir up a fiery passion in all students to uncover the depths of their true potential and destiny by going up against normal barriers towards their path of success. Wildcats, let us all be inspired, encouraged, and motivated to take charge of our futures!      

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