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'The Night Before Midterms' An Ode to Studying

As JWU students settle into a long night of studying for midterms,  JWU student blogger & poet Bianca Giron pens a humorous poem dedicated to the art of happy midterm-taking.

‘Twas the night before midterms, when all through the college

All the students were studying, to retain this trimester’s knowledge;

The books were stacked on their desk quite a mess,

In hopes they could cram it all and be a success.


The professors were nestled all snug in their beds;

While visions of midterm grades danced through their heads;

Most students were tired but didn’t go to bed,

Opening a new book they read, read, and read.


When outside of their dorms there arose such a clatter,

They sprang from their desk to see what was the matter.

The sky had finally began to snow,

And students were playing around down below,

When what did my wondering eyes did appear,

My phone, my laptop, everything near,

But I tried not to pay attention and instead focus on my tests.


I knew all I had to do was do my best,

My roommate was pacing and complaining about his class,

He drank lots of coffee and was on his fifth glass;

“Some pizza! Some Chinese! A sandwich or some wings!”

“Some Indian! Some Italian! Anything!”

To deliver to my dorm! To come feed me soon,

Now order away! Order away! I croon.


And then in a moment I heard at the door,

My order of food that I had called for!

He was dressed in his uniform, and he smelled like greasy food;

He had a big smile and was in a great mood,

A bundle of food he had held in his hands,

I was hungry he knew and he understands,

“I can tell you look stressed, you must have a test.

This pizza is on me, for your midterms just do your best!"


Happy midterms to all,

And to all a good test.

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