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JWU's Indian Student Association Celebrates Holi

JWU’s Indian Student Association (ISA) hosted a colorful Holi festival in May at JWU Providence. Event coordinator and international graduate student Sachin recounts all the beautiful details.

What is Holi?

Event coordinators and attendees enjoy JWU's Holi 2016. Image credit: Sahil Kamboj

Holi is a festival that is typically celebrated in India to welcome spring. It is also known as the festival of colors or the festival of sharing love. JWU’s Indian Student Association (ISA) celebrated Holi on Friday, May 6 with pomp and glory. I was lucky to be an event coordinator for JWU's Holi 2016.Enthusiastic participants watch the Holi colors swirl.Image Credit:Sahil Kamboj

Held at JWU's Harborside Campus Greenspace, JWU Holi attracted over 200 guests. While the morning contained ominous-looking clouds, the afternoon cleared up and the event was a rainbow-tinged success, minus a little drizzle for a brief period of time.

ISA prepared for Holi with a dunk tank, a slide and over 400 pounds of powdered color. Participants playfully threw color at one another until many revelers were unrecognizable. When the group tired of the colors, they enjoyed a variety of spicy Indian food and Hindu tattoos.What's a Holi festival without a slide? Image Credit:Sahil Kamboj

 I am proud that JWU's Holi 2016 was recently named Best Event of the Year by the JWU Providence Student Involvement & Leadership.

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