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JWU's Alternative Spring Break

Bianca M. Giron finds purpose and meaning in her recent Alternative Spring Break adventure in Baltimore, Maryland. She shares her memorable experience in a poem about the beauty of giving back.

Loading into three separate vans,

With a mission to help others being our plan.

All near-strangers, ready to serve,

Giving back to the community what they deserve.


Serving in Baltimore, Maryland was an eye-opening time,

Going to bed late and waking up at early daytime.

Peanut butter sandwiches and water for days,

Being so tired our eyes began to glaze.


Staffing food banks, preparing snacks,

Organizing a food pantry and putting peanut butter in stacks,

Digging up a garden and teaching kids stop motion,

Having moments where we felt strong emotion.


We took cold showers and slept on cots,

Some of us microwaving water in pots.

We did a poverty simulation,

That taught us about homelessness and starvation.


After the seven days we headed back to JWU,

Hot showers, good food and our beds we looked forward to.

Sorting through pictures and remembering those times,

Are memories some of us will remember for a lifetime.

Bianca M. Giron celebrates her alternative spring break in Maryland. Photo credit: Bianca Giron

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