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A Freshman Finds Discipline on the Wrestling Team

Patrick Daly, a criminal justice major, started his freshman year at JWU Providence with a bit of uncertainty, but being a part of the wrestling team gave Patrick the discipline, camaraderie and dedication needed to thrive on and off the mat. 

Here I was at Johnson & Wales on September 2, 350 miles away from home, living in a community of strangers. It sounds overwhelming when I explain the situation that way, but to me that’s how I felt. I grew up in a small town with a graduating class of 150 and I was completely out of my comfort zone.


I'm a freshman on the JWU wrestling team and during the summer, JWU hosts a wrestling camp. The wrestling coach expects the team to attend, so of course I did. The camp was one week long, and while there I met a majority of the team, and a couple exceptional friends. During camp, I spent every day with these new friends exploring Providence, traveling to beaches and of course, wrestling. This immediately brought us closer and when the week was over, we didn't want to return home. Having made these close friendships really helped me adjust quickly to college life. Within the first week, my coach was texting the team reminders, these reminders included wrestling, lifting, dedication and mental toughness.

Hard Work Pays Off

As a freshman, students have mandatory study hall and this was also very different for me. In high school, I didn’t have reminders about everything I needed to do to succeed on and off the wrestling mat. I soon realized college wrestling is the real deal. I was now functioning on a strict schedule which I had never done before. Immediately, my grades began to skyrocket compared to what I had done in high school. I was finally learning a quick lesson that had been hard to grasp in high school, “hard work pays off."  Also, my coach made it clear that there is a certain GPA an athlete must maintain to compete, which gave us all the motivation to do better and learn more every time we were studying.

I soon realized my attitude was changing for the better. I went from rarely worrying about my effort in high school to trying to really learn and understand material. With good friends and a team having my back, this was all possible and I now have new goals for this trimester.  Being on this team taught me to challenge myself every day.

Win at Everything

The team's motto is “win at everything,” and that is really being implemented every day. I now take more pride in the things I work hard for like school, and wrestling for JWU. So far, being on a team has been a key aspect to my college career and it has helped me in so many ways that I didn't expect when I first arrived. It is important to be part of a team, organization or club, I believe, especially in a college setting , because there are are so many  lessons and opportunities to be opened compared to isolating yourself from it.

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