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New Parent Blog: JWU-who knew?

Father, husband & executive Marc Dubner writes about his son Josh's first 2 years at JWU Providence. Josh '19 is a hospitality student who has become a real part of the JWU community while landing solid grades. Enjoy the 1st blog in this 2-part series.

When our son Josh was going through the process of looking at colleges, knowing that he wanted to major in hospitality management, we focused on colleges that offered this particular major. That narrowed our search, but there were still many universities that filled this requirement and we thought we were going to have a difficult decision on our hands. However, Josh made this decision easy for all of us.

The Dubner family live in New Jersey.

Josh applied to only two schools, Johnson & Wales University (JWU) being one of them.  He only applied to another school because we “forced” him.  JWU was his first and only choice!  Needless to say, we were a little concerned. What would happen if he was not accepted?  Josh kept telling us “don’t worry”, and thankfully, his wish (and ours) came true—he would be a Wildcat!

Josh and the BIG catch.

To say that his first two years at JWU have been a rewarding experience is an understatement. At JWU, Josh has developed many attributes that will serve him well throughout his life. For one, he's become more disciplined in addressing his school work. How do I know this?  His grades reflect it.

Josh spends time with his sister and two cousins.

Often, we speak on Sunday nights, and there have been times when he either ended calls quickly or told us he couldn't speak because he had homework or studying. He couldn’t see the smile on our faces, but we were more than happy to hang up so he could finish his work.

Knowing there are many distractions when you are away from home, we were glad to know he was buckling down and working hard. I don’t feel he had the same sense of urgency or understood the importance of buckling down two years ago. He now recognizes  that obtaining good grades in college will help him achieve his career goals.

Son and father make the most of their time together.

JWU offers a learning experience that not many other universities do, possibly because a large percentage of the faculty here are experienced in their fields of instruction. Many of Josh's professors have worked in the hospitality industry so they instruct from real-life encounters, lending an important and personal perspective beyond what you just read about in a book.  Josh, with the internships that JWU encourages, has also been able to gain valuable experience in the field of study he eventually wants to turn into a career.

Like father, like son. Mr. Dubner is V.P. of Global Sourcing and Product Development for a 101-year old toy manufacturing company.

But college life is much more than just attending class, doing homework and studying for exams.  It is about growing as a person. Josh has learned to address various aspects of everyday life, especially now that he is living off-campus with several of his friends. He does his own food shopping, cooks dinner, maintains his car, along with managing a whole host of other responsibilities that adults must handle. He's learned to deal with difficult situations and sometimes difficult people, and how to navigate through these hurdles. He has been actively involved in philanthropic and fundraising events with the fraternity he is associated with, understanding how important and rewarding it is to give back to those in need.

All dressed up and someplace to go.

Josh has grown as a young man, and for sure it is because of his time in Providence and his experience being a part of the Johnson & Wales community.  He's developed a great network of friends—friends I am sure he will have for life! 

He has taken advantage of what Providence and the beautiful New England area has to offer.  Among the  many activities he partakes in, he learned to ski this winter and went down a Black Diamond hill his first day on the slopes. He played on a recreational ice hockey team for the first time ever, and his team won the season's championship!  He also went ice fishing for the first time with his friend Richie, and they had a blast. His experiences both in and out of school these first two years have been memorable ones!

Josh's recreational ice hockey team won the season's championship.

Marc Dubner's blog continues in May. Check back here to learn more about his son's rewarding time at JWU.

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